5 Benefits of Working in Healthcare

Working in healthcare has its pros and cons as with almost every career path that you could go down but as we have seen over the past 2 years, the healthcare industry is critical to almost every aspect of our modern society.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a light on just how much we depend on our frontline healthcare workers across the globe and in particular from an Irish viewpoint.

Ireland has an estimated 27,000 professionals working in Healthcare with the country in need of increasing the number of staff employed in the sector as demand continues to increase rapidly across the country in recent times.

The Irish government has labelled the nation’s healthcare workers as the system’s “most valuable asset”.

This has led to both the number of positions available and the level of applicants increasing in recent years. The rise in applications is coming at a critical time for Ireland which is in the midst of a national hiring spree during 2022 as almost every industry is aiming to combat staff shortages through their respective recruitment campaigns.

Ireland is also aiming to reach their own target of recruiting up to 10,000 new healthcare workers each year as the global demand for such workers is continuously on the rise.

While the demand is certainly there for more people to enter the industry, we want to look at why people should consider a career working in healthcare.

Top Five Benefits of a Career in Healthcare

Pay & Benefits

A career working in healthcare can certainly come with its financial and intangible benefits.

The healthcare industry across the globe is continuously looking to increase its number of employees in comparison to most other sectors which results in almost always a more competitive financial package being offered.

Working in healthcare is also accompanied by other non-fiscal benefits which can be highly attractive to a number of applicants, such as

  • Health insurance
  • Paid annual leave
  • Family/retirement plans

It is also commonplace for health facilities to help further the education and qualifications of its workers and enable them to advance within the health industry.

The average salary for a care assistant working in Ireland is approx. €28,000 per year and as you progress through the ranks or further your qualifications, your starting salary package is likely to grow with you.


Career Opportunities

Working in healthcare can provide you with so many options that it is hard to choose where to start.

Healthcare has a wide variety of career opportunities and is the healthcare sector is diverse enough to fulfil any specialisation:

  • Public healthcare
  • Private facilities
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Radiography
  • Surgeons

No matter where you start working in healthcare there is always an opportunity right around the corner to embark on something new.

Even if you have started your career in a different industry, there are many courses available for you to begin your journey working in healthcare, whether you are a novice just beginning or an already established worker aiming to enhance your qualifications there is always a course available to further your skill set.


Growing Industry

Given the struggles and strain placed on the global healthcare infrastructure over the past 2 years, it is clear that the industry as a whole needs to continuously expand to keep up with the ever-increasing societal demands.

Ireland alone already spends upwards of €22 billion on its national healthcare system with plans to increase this in the coming years.

The country has already committed to a new Sláintecare system which aims to deliver care to the “right people, at the right place, at the right time” and as the population of the country is expected to increase by over 60,000 per year, the number of professionals working in healthcare must similarly follow suit.


Flexible Working Options


Working in healthcare provides you an opportunity to create a working schedule around your busy life.

Whether your working hours are constrained due to family circumstances, location, or any other commitments, the healthcare industry is able to provide you with a position, location, and working hours that are able to fit.

One of the main differences compared to other industries is that healthcare provision is 24/7 which means workers are needed around the clock every day of the year which creates a constant demand for different shifts to be filled.

The healthcare industry is aware of the importance of a work-life balance and an ability to develop yourself both personally and professionally is an industry-standard.


Make a Difference

Working in healthcare allows you to help people and make a real positive difference in someone’s life that you might not be able to get from another job.

The desire to help others is a major motivation for people to begin working in healthcare and no matter whether you are a nurse treating patients in a hospital, a care worker calling out to someone’s home, or any other position within the industry, there is an opportunity there for you to make a real difference.

A career working in healthcare can no doubt come with its challenges as presented over the past 2 years with people having to work longer hours whilst being exposed to potential dangers that are not present in other industries, however the feeling you are making a real positive difference can encourage people to begin their healthcare career pathway.

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