5 Great Facts About Relocating to Ireland

Ireland has always been a popular place to live and move to and is ranked as second in the world for quality of life out of 189 countries by the Human Development Index.
This scale is ranked based on 3 categories, a long and healthy lifestyle, access to knowledge and education and an excellent standard of living. 

Living in Ireland

  • The emerald isle has 5 main cities, with the most popular being the capital, Dublin.
  • Ireland is a country enriched with culture in every part of life and is welcoming to people from everywhere around the world.
  • The country has it all to offer from food and entertainment to music and exploring, there will always be activities or places available to fit someone’s needs and interests on the emerald isle.
  • While Ireland is small in terms of country size, it has the 32nd highest GDP in the world according to the IMF, highlighting the power of its economy.
  • There are over 2.3 million people employed with that number set to increase in the coming years.
  • From its scenic views to its dynamic and modern cities, Ireland is definitely a country in which to consider furthering your career.

Here are 5 facts about Irish life:


The global peace index ranks Ireland as the 8th safest country in the world based on 23 indicators on a scale of 1-5.

Being known for its friendly and welcoming behaviour newcomers to Ireland can always feel safe and welcome.

In some parts of Ireland, its still quite normal to leave a key in your door in case a neighbour needs to let postman in!

Irish people are naturally friendly, curious and welcoming to people from overseas, travel and exploration being almost wired-in to most of us!



People in Ireland are amongst the most educated in the world with a third level completion rate of 56% compared to a worldwide average of 44%.

The Irish score is the highest in Europe and the 4th highest worldwide.

In Ireland, people enjoy a wide range of educational opportunities with a vast range or full time, part-time and vocational (ie. on-the-job) training schemes.

Many of these schemes are grant funded, making them free for workers or job seekers.


Language and Culture

Languages spoken in Ireland
The top 6 most spoken languages in Ireland (credit: https://languageknowledge.eu/countries/ireland)

Nearly everyone on the island or Ireland speaks fluent English.

While Irish is spoken as a first language in some areas of Ireland (called the Gaeltacht), a rich diversity of cultures and nationalities emigrated into Ireland has had a huge influence on the languages spoken here.

After English and Irish, the top 6 most popular languages include Polish, German and Spanish.

Irish people are by nature, friendly and welcoming are delighted to meet people from other countries and learn about their culture.

Living in Ireland is the very best way of learning or improving your English.

There are many formal and informal opportunities to learn here and improving your English will be a huge benefit to your career prospects.


Cost of Living

While it is one of the more expensive countries in Europe, Irish salaries are generally very high compared to European averages.

Along with an excellent standard of living, Irish workers enjoy excellent career progression opportunities.

Most Irish healthcare workers can take advantage of state and employer supports for training and up-skilling, allowing them to quickly progress up the salary scale.

Workers on higher salary levels enjoy more disposable income, allowing them to save, send money home or grow their families.

Ireland’s progressive social welfare system ensures that if the worst happens and an employee is unable to work for any good reason, they will be supported while they recover.



  • The average cost for one-bedroom apartment in Irish city centres is approx. €1,170 per month.
  • A three-bed house or apartment in a city centre costs approximately €1,900 per month.
  • Outside the city centres, costs reduce to approx. €1,025 and €1,550 for a one or 3-bed accommodation respectively.

Many lower paid workers split these costs with friends and colleagues, reducing the cost while enjoying the excellent social life here in Ireland!

Even on the lower salary grades, Irish healthcare workers still enjoy generous wages, helping them to save toward buying a home while paying rent.

When that time comes, the Irish government have a very generous help to buy scheme and a state-backed home loans scheme.

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