April Healthcare Update 2022

April Healthcare Update 2022

In our first monthly healthcare update, we will recount all of our activities and events over the last month along with examining the most recent updates across Irish and European healthcare and outlining some of our current available healthcare job vacancies.

With Summer just around the corner and the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting multiple aspects of our everyday lives, the demand for healthcare services remains high across Ireland, Europe, and the UK, and our recruiters are as busy as ever.

The healthcare sector in Ireland is suffering from staff shortages and despite the recent amendment to some of our workplace restrictions such as our isolation periods, it is still extremely difficult for the healthcare system to sustain such demand.

Here is our April Healthcare Update 2022:

  • Ireland is currently aiming to reduce the nation’s healthcare staffing shortages by recruiting up to 10,000 new hires per year according to the latest HSE plan. See our current vacancies here.
  • A fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose has been recommended for the over 65 age group as well as the immunocompromised over the age of 12 with a recommended gap of 6 months between the third and fourth doses.
  • Healthcare workers across Ireland are set to receive their Covid-19 bonus payment in the next “available payroll” with our frontline staff expected to receive between €600 and €1000.
  • According to research, 65% of healthcare recruiters value relevant experience as the most essential part of your CV. Learn about how you can improve your healthcare CV here.
  • We are currently recruiting for a number of Healthcare Assistant positions in Dublin in Private, Intellectual, and Residential facilities with great benefits on offer. If interested please contact healthcare@aaeuro.com/+353852525177

Latest Healthcare Job Vacancies:

Hybrid Working Strategy

To stay informed on all of our latest job vacancies from healthcare assistants to staff nurses, visit our listings here.

Some of our current positions available for our April Healthcare Update include:

  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Head Chef
  • Community Support Worker
  • Procurement Manager
  • Psychiatric Nurse

If you feel that you can fill any of the above positions, please send your CV and details to healthcare@aaeuro.com.

We hope that you enjoyed our first monthly Healthcare Update. For all of your healthcare recruitment needs, please get in touch!