Mental Health First Aid

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Foster Wellbeing in the Workplace

Equip yourself to support colleagues experiencing mental health challenges with AA Euro Healthcare’s Mental Health First Aid Course.

This informative course, led by our qualified trainers, provides you with the skills and knowledge to identify signs of mental health issues, offer support, & guide individuals towards appropriate resources.

Investing in mental health awareness fosters a positive & supportive work environment for everyone.

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What is a CPD Certified Healthcare Course?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures healthcare professionals maintain and develop their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

While CPD accreditation for this course is pending, it provides valuable training aligned with industry best practices.

Why Become a Mental Health First Aider?

Mental health concerns are prevalent, and knowing how to respond effectively can make a significant difference.

This course equips you with the skills to become a Mental Health First Aider, enabling you to support colleagues, friends, and family members experiencing mental health challenges.

What Does This Course Cover?

This intensive 2-day program delves into various aspects of mental health awareness and first aid:

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing: Gain a comprehensive understanding of mental health and well-being concepts.
  • Understanding Stress: Explore the nature of stress, its impact on individuals, and effective stress management techniques.
  • Common Mental Health Conditions: Learn to recognize signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.
  • Harmful Coping Strategies: Identify unhealthy coping mechanisms and how to encourage positive alternatives.
  • Mental Health at Work: Develop strategies to promote mental well-being within the workplace environment.
  • Mental Health Conversations: Master communication skills to effectively engage in conversations about mental health.
  • Crisis Resources: Explore available resources and support systems to help individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

Who is This Course Suitable For?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become a Mental Health First Aider, including:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Social workers
  • Educators
  • Support workers
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Anyone who wants to gain skills to support those experiencing mental health challenges

How is This Course Delivered?

Our CPD courses cater to your learning preferences. Take your pick between:

  • Interactive In-Person Sessions: Network with colleagues and engage in a dynamic learning environment.
  • Convenient Online Learning: Access high-quality training from the comfort of your own device.
  • On-Site Delivery (Additional Fee): Bring the training to your team! We can deliver the course directly at your premises for an additional fee.

Choose the format that best suits your needs and schedule.

Why Choose AA Euro Healthcare?

By choosing AA Euro Healthcare for your Mental Health First Aid training, you benefit from:

  • Become a Mental Health First Aider: Gain the skills and knowledge to confidently support individuals experiencing mental health difficulties.
  • Invest in Workplace Wellbeing: Equip yourself to promote mental well-being within your work environment.
  • Make a Difference: Develop the skills to make a positive impact on the lives of others facing mental health challenges.
  • Comprehensive Training: This 2-day program provides in-depth learning and practical skills development.

Certified Excellence

AA Euro Healthcare have achieved ISO Quality certification representative of the highest quality in recruitment standards. Our commitment to excellence is unmatched and we continuously refine our processes to ensure you receive a premium service.

The ISO Quality certification process requires in-depth assessments to quality check all aspects of our service offering. AA Euro Healthcare are proud to maintain this standard, awarded to only the top tier of recruitment providers.

CPD Certified Training

AA Euro Healthcare is now offering a variety of essential courses designed to help healthcare professionals develop their skills, stay up-to-date with the latest best practices, and enhance their patient care.