Future Health Summit 2024

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by advancements in technology and digitalisation and at the forefront of these discussions is the Future Health Summit, Ireland’s leading healthcare conference.

This year’s event, held on May 29th and 30th, 2024, at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre, promises to be bigger and better than ever.


A Platform for Progress

The Future Health Summit has witnessed significant growth, with its 2024 edition welcoming nearly 700 delegates – a 14% increase from the previous year.

This expanding audience reflects the event’s unique ability to foster connections and facilitate knowledge exchange between a diverse range of healthcare stakeholders, including medical professionals, healthcare managers, innovators, and industry leaders.

David Neville, the summit’s CEO, emphasises the importance of networking and collaboration. In recent years, the event has broadened its scope, inviting speakers from international health systems and organisations.

This year, attendees can expect insights from representatives across the UK, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Learning from Global Best Practices

“The summit brings international best practice to Ireland,” Neville explains. By fostering collaboration between local and international speakers, the event promotes cross-pollination of ideas and fosters innovation within the Irish healthcare system.

Importantly, the discussions focus on addressing global challenges relevant to Ireland, such as governance, integrated care, and the establishment of new health regions.

International speakers, like Sir James Mackey, CEO of the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will share valuable insights into these critical areas.


Addressing Workforce Challenges

Recruiting and retaining qualified personnel remains a central challenge for healthcare systems worldwide. The summit acknowledges this concern and provides a platform for sharing solutions.

By sharing strategies implemented in other countries, attendees can gain valuable insights and explore ways to attract and retain talent within Ireland.

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence

The Future Health Summit takes pride in its annual innovation award, sponsored by UPMC, a global hospital operator. Past winners have become success stories on both national and international stages.

This year promises another exciting competition, with entries showcasing the latest advancements in healthcare.

Additionally, the summit acknowledges exceptional contributions within the healthcare sector through the Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare Award.



Beyond the Future Health Summit Stage

The Future Health Summit offers an extensive exhibition space where more than 50 leading healthcare suppliers will showcase their products and services.

Attendees can benefit from live demonstrations and expert advice, allowing them to connect with potential partners and explore the latest advancements in healthcare technology.

Join the Conversation

The Future Health Summit 2024 presents a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals, decision-makers, and innovators to come together, explore the future of healthcare, and forge valuable connections.

Be a part of this transformative event with AA Euro Healthcare and contribute to shaping a better healthcare system for Ireland.

To book seats and view the full list of speakers and exhibitors, visit futurehealthsummit.com.

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