Healthcare Industry Update – 2nd March 2022

Healthcare Industry Update – 2nd March 2022

The importance of our worldwide healthcare sector has been magnified in recent years as we continue to learn more about how we can live alongside Covid-19. However, the sector also faces mounting pressures to address labour shortages while navigating an ever-changing healthcare situation. This exponential growth in healthcare activity has seen the demand for healthcare workers rise dramatically on a global scale.

Our previous healthcare industry update discussed how Ireland’s Covid-19 confirmed cases are dwindling as population immunity increases in the Republic, talks are underway for the construction of a new healthcare facility in Limerick through a partnership of UL Hospitals Group and private health provider UPMC, and the NIAC is expected to issue its recommendation for teenagers and the booster vaccine over the coming weeks.

Here are the latest Healthcare Industry Updates:

  • The requirement to wear a face mask in all settings apart from healthcare and public transport has been removed as Ireland begins to return to normality following two years of restrictions.
  • The availability of acute medical beds in Ireland increased by 9% in 2020 as the availability of additional step-down facilities increased.
  • Children in the Republic of Ireland can still attend school even if there is a confirmed Covid-19 case in the household after nearly all remaining restrictions were lifted on Monday.
  • Ireland has the third-longest healthy life expectancy in Europe, while it is top of the charts for the number of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths (STEM) graduates.
  • Ireland’s new €350 million public waiting list plan aims to have 1.7 million people treated and removed from waiting list to make it the lowest it has been in 5 years.

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