Meet the Team – Kerri Robinson

Welcome to our “Meet the Team” series, where we introduce you to the amazing individuals who make AA Euro Healthcare the success it is!

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Kerri Robinson, a dedicated member of our team who brings passion and expertise in her role of Recruitment & Scheduling Specialist.

Before AA Euro Healthcare:

Kerri’s journey in healthcare administration has equipped her with an impressive skillset. From overseeing appointment scheduling and insurance authorisation to hands-on home-care scheduling, she’s seen firsthand the complexities and rewards of the industry.

Beyond the Workday:

When Kerri isn’t helping connect talented healthcare professionals with the perfect roles, she enjoys spending quality time with loved ones in the UK and Ireland. She also has a passion for both skincare and sewing – proving she thrives on creativity and care!

Fun Fact Alert!

For years, she unknowingly watched all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer annually!

Why Healthcare?

Kerri has always felt a strong desire to make a difference, and healthcare offered the perfect blend of her administrative skills and her passion for helping others.

Thriving at AA Euro Healthcare:

What does Kerri love most about her role?

Knowing that she plays a vital part in connecting the right healthcare professionals with the right opportunities. It gives her work immense purpose, and the potential to make a significant impact on staffing needs is incredibly rewarding.

Northern Ireland and UK Expansion:

Our expansion into Northern Ireland and the UK excites Kerri. She sees it as an opportunity for AA Euro Healthcare to rise to new challenges, broaden their healthcare knowledge, and extend their reach.

Kerri’s Unique Contribution:

Kerri’s empathy allows her to truly connect with candidates on a personal level, guiding them through the often-stressful job search process. She also excels at building strong relationships with both healthcare professionals and clients.

AA Euro Healthcare’s Strengths:

In Kerri’s eyes, AA Euro Healthcare thrives on two key strengths:

  • Outstanding Communication: They prioritise clear communication between staff and clients, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for everyone.
  • Diverse Team Skills: The team boasts a wide range of expertise, allowing them to tackle any challenge with confidence.

Goals for the Future:

As a fast learner, Kerri is eager to expand her knowledge within the recruitment field and the healthcare industry as a whole. She looks forward to continuous learning and growth within AA Euro Healthcare.

Quickfire Round!

  • Dream Industry (Outside Healthcare): Dermatology – her fascination with the human body draws her to this field.
  • Favourite Vacation Spot: Greece, though Italy beckons for future exploration!
  • Work Preference: While a remote day holds appeal, Kerri thrives in the social environment of the office.
  • Recruitment Pet Peeve: Applications lacking any mention of the required qualifications – taking the time to tailor your application is key!

Connect with Kerri Robinson today!

We’re so grateful to have Kerri on the AA Euro Healthcare team!

Her dedication, empathy, and passion for connecting people with the perfect healthcare opportunities make her an invaluable asset.

Stay tuned to meet more of our amazing team members in the future!

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