Recruitment Insights 2022: Ciara Murphy

Recruitment Insights: Ciara Murphy

Ciara Murphy is a Healthcare Recruitment Specialist within AA Euro Healthcare with a focus on both Temporary and Permanent roles and Compliance Coordination. In this profile, Ciara tells us about her career in recruitment along with her latest tips and insights.

Recruitment Insights Ciara Murphy

Ciara Murphy has a background within the retail management sector where she began her recruitment journey by being involved throughout the hiring processes from general floor staff to more senior personnel and management level.

Following on from this Ciara’s passion for recruitment and in particular, within the healthcare sector began to blossom as she decided to solely focus on the healthcare aspect before joining the newly established AA Euro Healthcare team in October 2021.

Ciara holds a QQI Level 5 Qualification in both Travel & Tourism and Receptionist/Clerical Skills which she puts to work throughout her daily tasks with the AA Euro Healthcare team with a focus on HCA, SCW, SW, & RGN roles.

In her spare time, Ciara loves to travel, go to the gym or enjoy the outdoors through activities such as hiking and kayaking.

Motto: “Always look for the positive in the negative”.

A Career in Recruitment

Recruitment Insights Ciara Murphy

Having initially started within the retail sector, it was after a couple of years of helping with her previous employer’s recruitment processes that her passion for the industry really took flight:

“I have always had a keen interest in the recruitment side of things from my retail career. I was always interested in gaining experience in the process of this service. Once I started my career in Healthcare, I knew it was something I wanted to grow in”.

This hunger and desire for growth led Ciara to a more niche section of the recruitment industry where she began to focus on healthcare-related roles and attributed this decision to:

“It always seemed to be such an interesting market to me. There are so much involved and so many different people and characters bringing their education and knowledge from home and abroad”.

“In the last 2-3 years, we have been through such a huge change globally. The healthcare sector was in dire need of help and assistance. It goes to show when everyone works together, the difference it can make to humanity and this touched me”.

Speaking of her biggest achievement throughout her recruitment career to date, Ciara outlines:

“My biggest achievement was getting the business up and running with the team. When I started with AA Euro Healthcare, it was very much all hands on deck. From there, we have taken off massively and to be a part of that is a great reward”.


Healthcare Industry Trends

Recruitment Insights Ciara Murphy

As Covid-19 has taken its grip on all industries around the globe and changed almost every process that you could think of, we asked Ciara what changes she has seen over the last number of years.

  • The healthcare industry has become more technical and transient
  • The recruitment process is no longer a one-person job and having a qualified team is crucial.
  • The process of digital transformation has vastly increased the importance of social media to the recruitment process.
  • The level of experience that workers seem to have now is much more diverse than previously.


Ciara Murphy’s Advice for Jobseekers

Recruitment Insights Ciara Murphy

After Ciara had outlined some of the trends that she has witnessed within the healthcare recruitment sector over the last number of years we asked her for some key advice for jobseekers in healthcare for 2022.

What advice would you give to potential recruits?

“Communication is key, being as open and honest as possible with your recruiter will help you gain the best experience and allow for us to help you along the process but don’t forget to be patient!”.

What makes a CV stand out to you?

“Outlining all of your relevant experience is always crucial no matter what job you are applying for but besides that, it is important for your CV to be neat and easy to read”.

What is a common mistake you see jobseekers make?

“Applicants who don’t give enough information on their application would be the most common mistake I would see, however some candidates tend to not fully read the job specifications and therefore the communication channels tend to be poor”.


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