Your Healthcare Interview – 10 Best Tips to Help You Prepare

Preparing for your healthcare job interview can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task for anyone because after all, you want to make a great first impression.

However, it is a great opportunity to showcase all of your capabilities, experience and interests, allowing the interviewers to learn more about you. To help you, we have prepared a guide of the 10 best tips to get you through your next healthcare interview.


10 Best Tips to Prepare

1. Be Punctual

This is one of the most important factors to set yourself up for a successful interview.

Being late can create a bad first impression, as it can often make you look disorganised and unprepared, not just for the interview, but it will also raise concerns around your reliability as a potential new employee.

To avoid starting your jobseeking journey on the wrong foot, we suggest trying to be prepared for anything that could cause you to be late.

For example, leave home earlier to avoid traffic and give yourself time to get to the interview with time to spare.


2. Research the Company

Do your research. 

It is a great practice to have some knowledge of the company you are interviewing for – for your benefit and theirs. 

Not only are you showing that you know about their history, current work and their aims and missions, which is impressive in itself, but you also allow yourself to ensure that this organisation is right for you too. 

If you want a surefire way to show that you are interested in this organisation and the healthcare role on offer, this is the perfect way to do it.


3. Be Aware of your Body Language

Your body language is a style of non-verbal communication that can often say more than words can. 

Beware that certain types of body language can translate negatively.

For example

  • Folded arms can give the impression of being detached, protective and impersonal
  • Lack of eye contact can communicate low confidence and worry

This subliminal body language could make the interviewer believe these are personality traits that do not align with the type of individual they are looking for. 

Instead, try to be open, confident and polite from beginning to the end and represent who you truly are through your actions, body language and non-verbal communications.

Remember, many roles in healthcare require you to be empathetic, good-natured and reliable, so be conscious of how you communicate these traits in your body language. 


4. Dress Appropriately

Remember that your interview will be one of the first instances that members of the company will be meeting you, so your presentation is key. 

Being appropriately dressed will help you to look professional, tidy and organised – all great traits to embody as a healthcare professional.

Try to gain some insight into the healthcare organisation you are applying for to decipher the dress code you should follow.

A great dress code to follow is smart or smart-casual, allowing you to look professional and put together.


5. Align your Experience to the Role

You may have read about this in our blog 10 Great Ways to Improve Your CV for a Career in Healthcare, however, continue to consider this in respect of your interview too.

Showcase that much of the healthcare experience you have aligns with the role you are applying for, proving that you have the strengths and capabilities to undertake the job roles and duties with confidence.


6. Take Notes

Taking notes in your interview should be something to consider as another way to showcase intrigue and diligence whilst also being helpful to you as a candidate.

It is normal to be overwhelmed with nerves, meaning you may miss some key information or points, however, by asking to make notes before you start, you can ensure that you can note some interesting points mentioned or any information you would like to come back to at the end to enquire about.


7. Prepare for Scenario-Based Questions

Scenario-based questions can be a popular part of interviews as it allows the interviewer to gain insight into your practical understanding of the role and the responsibilities it carries.

Try to embrace this segment of an interview to highlight why you are the right candidate to handle the job by explaining the tactical approaches you would take to deal with the proposed situation, a great opportunity to practically depict the type of healthcare worker you are before being in the field.


8. Anticipate Interviewer Questions

It is impossible to know for sure what questions you may be asked in your interview because every company is different, all with its own unique process for candidates.

However, it can be possible to anticipate some of the most commonly asked questions and prepare your best answers before the interview.

Not only will this help you to have well-formulated answers, but it allows you to steady yourself, knowing you will be able to confidently answer what is being asked. 


9. Take Time to Think About Your Responses

Remember to take a breath. 

Take a moment to relax and be attentive to your interviewer. This will help you to think much more clearly and communicate professionally. 

In your next healthcare interview, pause, think about what you have been asked, allow yourself time to develop the answer you want to give and then go ahead and impress your interviewer.


10. Prepare Final Questions

This is your last chance to give a positive final impression to the interviewer, so make sure to end it on a high note.

Your engagement in the interview process will be greatly appreciated and showcases motivation to learn as much as you can.

We have prepared another guide for our candidates to help you to create some of the best questions to ask before you leave your interview here.


We hope you enjoyed our guide on Your Healthcare Interview – 10 Best Tips to Help You Prepare, a guide to help you to succeed in your next interview and land your new healthcare role.

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